2022 Eco-Friendly Garden Tour

pretty blue flowers
yellow poppies
pink flowered salvia

Welcome To The Eco-Friendly Garden Tour!

Welcome to the 2021 Eco-Friendly Garden Tour! This year’s garden tour is self-guided, allowing participants to explore gardens in Sonoma and Marin counties on their own. Below you will find 14 gardens on this year’s tour. Just scroll down to access them either from the map pins or the filterable tour stop list beneath the map.

The tour will be available after today, so make sure to come back and visit for inspiration and share with your friends and family!

Partner Rebates

As the drought continues to worsen through summer, make sure to check your local water suppliers’ websites for rebates and incentives to reduce your household’s indoor and outdoor water use.

Resilient Summer Dry Landscapes Webinar

Also make sure to register for the free workshop scheduled for 10am – noon. Register to gain access to the event